Our fleet is at your disposal. Wherever you get stuck, you run into a Watty towing truck.

Towing vehicle with rotator, 40 T lifting power, 2 winches 20 T & 30 T at rear end, 15T winch in the front.
Wheel-lift for transport.

Liebherr telescopic tow crane 120T with all required towing materials

Toyota jeep with wheel-lift, winches in front and rear end, suitable for towing in underground parkings.

Service vehicle equiped with all necessary tools for technical assistance. Connection and signalization vehicle.

Material trailer equipped with all necessary tools, pneumatic materials and compressor for towing assistance.

Hoist vehicle with loading platform 5T+ crane and wheel-lift, winches 5ton.

Hoist vehicle with loading platform 6T+ crane and wheel-lift, winches 5ton and 3ton + car cradle hydraulic

Merlo 4T. With the possibility 17 meters boom sliding to reach difficulty places. With all appliances for removing cargos.