Depannage Watty

Accidents happen, towing is a necessary evil. Therefore choose the perfect material and an experienced crew.

Watty towing services is a long-established company specialized in vehicle recovery and breakdowns or collisions. You can count on a professional team with a 35 years experience. Watty towing services provides assistance for all kind of vehicles as well as for the handling of goods. We are ready with an extensive fleet.

In hard times of breakdown, Watty towing services usually is able to repair on the spot, so you can proceed with your trip. In case you meet with a big adversity, a car rental is possible. Afterwards your car can be towed in a professional way to the destination of your choice.

Our crew is ready 24/24h when you are in trouble.

We have our seat at 7 km from approaches and exits of motorways.

Our location is OUDENBURG, Brugsesteenweg 73, N367. Tel +32 (0) 59 / 25 50 00 Fax +32 (0) 59 / 25 50 05 Email: